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How Long Does It Take To Complete A Project

Completing project depends on the kind of project and how you want it. Websites can will take less than a week to build due to our high number of developers.

Graphic Designing project can take less than 48 hrs and sometimes even less. It depends on how you want it as I said

But You can also let us know how urgent it is and the period you have to get the project done and will make sure to work around that.


Is there a free Service?

Nope, not actually, there is not free service on GetzMedia. You will have to pay for our service. And when you are lucky you might win a discount so don’t waist time

How Is The Payment Plan?

Payment plan is very simple. You pay half of the actual price. We start your project and make you take a look at how its going. You make the rest of the payment and we deliver your project. 

Do You Manage Website?

Yes we do manage website. We have plan for managing website as well especially those developed by our team. So no worry if you are not a tech guru, we will handle and your website for you if you wish.

Do You Deliver Photos And Video WorldWide?

Yes we do deliver picture and video worldwide. You might be having photos and video which you want to edit or turn to a meaningful product. We will collect the video, edit it and then deliver it to you as soon as possible.

What Paymenf Method Do Accept?

We accept all most of these payments method including

  • Wired Transfer
  • PayPal
  • WorldRemit
  • Mobile Money (If you know how to do that)

You can contact us if you can pay with any of these so we know to go about it.

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